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When it seems there are no answers for your child, there is help.  Jesus promises to give us wisdom for the asking.  That doesn't mean you forget about medical or other professionals services.  Following Jesus as your lighthouse gives you light (understanding and increased instinct) to care for your child and to work with those involved in his/her care.  In my brokenness and frustration at trying to help my son I began trying to follow what I now call the lighthouse concept.  Things began to change in terms of my own skills and working relationships with the professionals involved.  The Lord gave me some methods which I share on these websites and in my book Parenting Your Complex Child .  I hope to make this website more about spiritual resources and Jesus as our Lighthouse.  For a complete listing of all my blogs and websites go to the new one Peggy Lou Morgan  We are working on video blogging and will listing video on that site so you can locate them on our other sites.

We have a prayer group ready and eager to support you with prayer if you need it.  The summer when Billy Ray nearly died it was so clear that the prayer support we received from numerous sources made all the difference.  We would like to be that support to you as well.  You can email me your requests.

Unfortunately, I have had to take the guestbook off this site because of threatening comments.  If you'd like to be on our newsletter please email me.

Peggy Lou Morgan
Lighthouse Parents

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