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The Lighthouse
Words and Music by Ronnie Hinson

There’s a lighthouse on a hillside that overlooks life’s sea.
When I’m tossed it sends out a light, a light that I might see;
And the lighthouse that sits in darkness will safely lead me o’er,
If it wasn’t for the lighthouse my ship would sail no more.


And I thank God for the lighthouse I owe my life to Him,
For Jesus is the lighthouse, and from the rock of sin;
He has shone a light around me that I could clearly see,
If it wasn’t for the lighthouse where would this ship be?

The big ships of old were very dependent on the lighthouses.  The captains must stay focused on the beams of light to illuminate hazards in the ocean such as abandoned ships and dangerous rocks.  Without the light making the way clear the ship could wreck.  Each lighthouse had its own set of signal light beams.  A captain could follow those signals to his desired port.  A captain and his crew needed to maintain focus on the lighthouse to safely guide their ship to port.

While waiting to adopt my son Billy Ray I used to listen to gospel cassettes on the way to and from work.  One of those songs  "The Lighthouse" (partially quoted below) came back to mind during a time of crisis for my son.  The Lord used lighthouses to show me as parents of complex children we need to be in relationship with the source of that light, Jesus.

We are able to navigate the difficulties in life and parenting our complex children more easily.  To not be connected to Him is to make ourselves open to disaster.

When no one seems able to help our child and we don't know what to do there is hope and help.  When we are in relationship with our lighthouse we have the priviledge of asking for and receiving his help.  The Lord has promised to give us wisdom if we only ask for it.  James 1:5 says: " But if any of you needs wisdom, you should ask God for it. He is generous and enjoys giving to all people, so he will give you wisdom." (New Century Version). This wisdom has been such a help when two professionals had differing opinions about care for my son or no one seemed to know what to do.

When Billy Ray was in the emergency room, the doctor was saying there was nothing medically wrong with him (the antibiotics he was on for a skin leison masked the lab results), and wanted to send him home on psychiatric medications, I turned to the Lord for help in advocating for my son.  One more test was ordered and a leaking appendix, enlarged pancreas and an ulcer were all discovered.  Billy Ray was rushed to surgery.  Without the insight the Lord gave the doctor and me, Billy Ray probably wouldn’t be here.

A simpler example of the lighthouse concept, was a time when Billy Ray wouldn’t eat and was getting dehydrated.  I silently prayed, Lord I just don’t know what to do to get him to eat.  Instantly strawberry, banana yogurt came to mind.  I didn’t even think I had any in the refrigerator but I did and he ate two containers of it.

Staying focused on our lighthouse to guide our children takes practice.  I have started a mailing list group in connection with this site.  If you'd like to be added let me know.
The Lighthouse Concept
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